Launched in 2008, City Stimulus is the first city-wide event in the nation focused on revitalizing small businesses.


Our Mission

City Stimulus™ maintains our community for generations to come by build awareness and reward loyalty on a local level at retail shops, bars, cafes, and restaurants. 

We work with individuals who donate their time and services for the greater good of our economy. Many are small business owners themselves who believe in better, not bigger, choices. 

This successful initiative demonstrates the power of uniting consumers with a common purpose that they can champion, and for which they can directly benefit from their contributions.
— Gennefer Gross, Triple Pundit

What We've Achieved

  • Engage the media on behalf of businesses to invigorate interest in limited-time promotions and local participation. 
  • Educate locals on the benefits of brick-and-mortor locations.  
  • Focus on neighborhood density to patrons can easily shop, eat, and drink together.
  • Track participation and embrace digital culture with offers at no cost to members or businesses. 
  • Assist locations with marketing to help compete with national brands. 
  • Publish specific offers that fit the needs of the business without impacting the bottom line.