participating businesses

A Mano, Anchovies & Olives, Babeland, Baby & Co, Bailey Coy Books, Baltic Room, Bass Art Gallery, Belle Fleur Lingerie, Belltown Bistro, Birgitta, Blackbird, Blue Bottle Art Gallery, Boat Street Cafe, Butch Blum, Café Presse, Caffé Vita, Camelion Design, Capers Home, Captain Blacks, Carmilia’s, Clementine, Cloverhouse, Clutch, Coastal, Cremant, Dahlia Bakery, Dahlia Lounge, Décor, Dinette, Edie’s Shoes, Ella Mon, Encanto Barcelona, Essenza, Etta’s Seafood, Eurostyle Your Life, Fancy, {far 4}, Fini, Fish Fry, Foxmaid, Fremont Jewelry Design, 4 Your Eyes Only, GEMS Sneakershop, Goods, Havana, Healeo, Hermitage, Homegrown, Hotwire Coffee, How to Cook a Wolf, Impulse, Inform Interiors, Jackstraw, Jaywalk, Juniper, Kimberly Baker Jewelry, King’s Hardware, Kuhlman, Lambs Ear, Lark, Le Pichet, Les Amis, Liave, Licorous, Linda’s Tavern, Lit Shades, Lola, Matt's in the Market, Merge, Michael Cepress, Moe Bar, Nancy, Oddfellows Cafe + Bar, Palace Kitchen, Paper Delights, Piano Nobile, Pike & Western, Polite Society, Poppy, Pulp Lab, R Place, Red Drawers, Restaurant Zoe, Retail Therapy, Retrofit Home, Rue de Lyon, Schmancy, Serious Pie, Smith, Snowboard Connection, Sonic Boom, Square Room, Suite 410, Sway & Cake, The Saint, The Tasting Room, Tavolata, The Finerie, The War Room, Totokaelo, Tottini, Tulip, Union, Urban Beast, Urban Wine Café, Velocity Art & Design, Veridis Clothier, Via Tribunali, Volunteer Park Cafe, Wildrose, World Spice Merchants, and ‘Zaw.


In-kind support

The Stranger, Cupcake Royale, Butter London, Totokaelo, Jackstraw, Havana Social Club, Biznik, Laserquick Printing, Fremont Chamber of Commerce, Crave Party, Kim Ricketts Book Events, Valentina Vitols, Virginia Bunker, Lalo Creme, and Michelle Grimord.


Concept & Production

In Your Head, LLC